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ZenPrompts.ai is in early beta. We would love your feedback as we build this. Please email feedback, bugs, and feature requests to salil@zenprompts.ai


ZenPrompts is the first prompt editor to help you create, refine, test, and share prompts.

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We've put together some helpful guides to get set up with our product quickly and easily.

🤝pageStep 1: Signing UppageStep 2: Adding OpenAI API Key🗝️pageGetting OpenAI API Key

Product Guides

✍️pageCreating a Prompt📁pageCreating and Managing Folders🆎pageComparing Models💯pageCreating Dynamic VariablespageUsing Special Dynamic Variables⏮️pageCreating Prompt Versions🤝pageSharing Prompts🎭pageCopying Prompts

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